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Imperial Inn right wing
Under renovation

Individual Cottages
Private rooms

Larger Cottages
Peaceful spot, its away from the busy streets.

2 Queen Bed

Imperial Inn's left wing
There are 7 room in the left wing.

Picnic spot
Place for someone to have a picnic

Bathroom setting

Front of the property
Inn and Restaurant

Family Cottage
We have 4 Family Cottages all with Queen Beds and connecting rooms.

Double Room


Aerial View
Aerial View of Gananoque 1000 Islands in Ontario Canada

Imperial Inn

Welcome to Gananoque
Visitors entering the Gananoque 1000 Islands area from either direction,east or west can see these welcome signs as they arrive on the popular highway 401 at each entrance to town

Gateway to Gananoque 1000 Islands
A modern day look of the east entrance gateway to the beautiful 1000 Islands in Gananoque

Gananoque Water Tower
A noticable view on the western entrance to Gananoque on Hwy 401.A noticeable symbol that you have arrived in Gananoque

A absolute stunning,breathtaking view over the beautiful 1000 Islands

Postcard 2
An aerial view of the Canadian bridge span in the 1000 Islands going over the St.Lawrence River

Postcard 3
A view of a few of the many islands that can be encountered in the beautiful 1000 Islands

Gananoque Circa 1940
A historic view of downtown Gananoque in 1940

Gananoque of Old
Gananoque in the early 1900's

Gananoque Gateway
One of the old historic gateway entrances to Gananoque in the early part of the 20th Century

Gananoque Gateway 2
Gananoque gateway entrance in the mid 1900's

Gananoque Gateway 3
Gananoque gateway entrance in the early 1900's

Gananoque Gateway 4
A more recent look at the east gateway entrance to the beautiful 1000 Islands in the 21st Century.

Gananoque Waterfront
Gananoque waterfront in the 1980's.A sky view of the Gananoque Boat Lines Cruises and the shoreline.

Gananoque Waterfront 2
A warm sunny Summer day at Gananoque's very own beach

1000 Islands Casino
An image of the 1000 Islands Casino in Gananoque 1000 Islands

1000 Islands Casino 2
A daytime view of the 1000 Islands Casino in Gananoque

Gananoque Fountain
This spectacular fountain display can viewed during summer months at the Gananoque Duck Pond right in the middle of town

Gananoque Fountain 2
Another view of the fountain from the sculpture park near downtown Gananoque

1000 Island Parkway
1000 Islands Parkway and 1000 Islands Bike Path.A beautiful drive or ride at any time of the year

Train Engine
A historic view of the old train that was used during the early 1900's can still be viewed in downtown Gananoque.

Downtown Gananoque
A recent view of Highway 2 (King St) looking east into downtown Gananoque

1000 Islander
A spectacular view of the famous 1000 Islands Cruise boat heading underneath the 1000 Islands Bridge near Gananoque

Sky Deck
The Skydeck Tower on Hill Island that is open to the public to go up and the most breathtaking views of the 1000 Islands can be captured here

1000 Islands Bridge
An aerial view of the 1000 Islands Bridge near Gananoque

1000 Islands Bridge 2
A glorius sensational view of the 1000 Islands Bridge during the Fall Colors in October

1000 Islands Bridge 3
A close up of the 1000 Islands Bridge

1000 Islands Bridge 4
Another beautiful view of the 1000 Islands overhead

1000 Islands Bridge 5
An overhead of the 1000 Islands during Summer months

1000 Islands Bridge 6
A sensational view of the 1000 Islands and the 1000 Islands from the famous 1000 Islands Parkway.Glorius viewpoints can be captured on this spectacular 50 Km stretch of highway between Brockville and Gananoque

1000 Islands Sunset
A stunning,electrifying,awsome sight,sunset over the beautiful 1000 Islands.A memory that will last forever

1000 Islands
1000 Islands during Winter

1000 Islands 2
Glorius amazing Fall colors in Gananoque 1000 Islands

1000 Islands 3
A long view of the 1000 Islands.The beauty can be captured for miles

1000 Islands 4
A look at the St.Lawrence River as it runs between a handful of the famous 1000 Islands

1000 Islands 5
1000 Islands in Summer

1000 Islands 6
A great breathtaking view of the 1000 Islands from Landon Bay,This viewpoint can be a stopping point along the 1000 Islands Parkway

1000 Islands 7
Another great view of the 1000 Islands in Summer from another vantage point

Living On An Island
This is one of the many spectacular sights you will see when passing by the water of the 1000 Islands.Some of the islands actually house some residents during the warmer part of the year

Dusk Over The 1000 Islands
A view as dusk sets in over the Islands

The Crack of Dawn
Daylight starts to occur over the Islands

Close Up View of The Gateway to The 1000 Islands
The Gateway Sign that will greet you at each entrance into Gananoque

Gananoque Water Front
A look down on to Gananoque's Historic Waterfront-1000 Islands Cruises Take off from this spot

1000 Islands Area Rock
A Familiar scene in Ontario.Rock Formation and Rock Cuts are just a small piece of the wonderful terrain and landscape you will see in the Area

Winter in The 1000 Islands
A Familiar Scene in the 1000 Islands during the Winter Months is Snow.The Area is beautiful to view at all times of the Year

Gananoque Town Park In Summer
A Summer scene taken from the Gananoque Town Park located in front of the Town Hall

Gananoque Band Stand in Summer
The Gananoque Band Stand seen here has been an icon and symbol in town for decades.It has been host to many visitors young and old,and been the location of many bands that have entertained people for years

Gananoque Band Stand In Winter
A Winter view of the Gananoque Band Stand,while no bands are playing here at this time of the year and less people are around,it remains a historic and reminding figure of Gananoque past and present

Close Up View Along St.Lawrence River In 1000 Islands
A beautiful view and regular sight in the 1000 Islands Region,homes on separate islands and noticable living and visiting quarters.A scenic drive down the 1000 Islands Parkway between Gananoque and Brockville you can catch many glimpses of the beauty the St.Lawrence River Area holds

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